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Introduce Yourself


Hey guys :D you can call me charlie... im a mod on akams and kerx's stream and friends with a few other bixa members :) im hoping to become a clan friend or something coz bixa is one of the greatest if not the best clan in the game :DReal friendly...
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Charlie6491Small Charlie 5y
Introduce Yourself

Hey, everybody!

Hello there! My nickname is LiGHTFTW (but you can use "just" LiGHT) and I'm quite interested in the BIXA clan. It seems a very good clan, a popular clan and maybe, the most "you want to hang out with" clan. Also, you guys have the most popular You...
Small LiGHTFTW 5y
Introduce Yourself


hey guys my name is DONKEYSLAP i am a 15 year old gamer which is very passionate about gaming i want to make a career out of gaming(games Designer).I am also the proud owner of the youtube channel The2DualGamers which has been featured on kerx' to...
Small DONKEYSLAP(The2DualGamers) 5y
DONKEYSLAP(The2DualGamers)10907Small ElChupacabra 5y
Introduce Yourself

hello guys

hello guys, I'm Cartman and play from Italy :) .... I follow you daily on youtube and are awesome!I often play to ISS (all day) with a couple of friends, but we are looking for a clan to play if possible also with other players.How many are you in...
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Cartman1174Small Cartman 5y
Introduce Yourself


Sup guys, so I just came house and ISS is actually patching for new colorado v2 !!Everyone is really excited with the new patch not even because of the new map, there are really sick news. Swimming added, cooldown reduced, and there are now server...
Small Jumanpag 5y
Jumanpag8544Small Jumanpag 5y
Introduce Yourself

Browndown - The truth about the Legend

- Browndown has a very long penis. This sentence is the starter of mulitble prayers.- Browndown had sex with every girl on this planet.- Browndown had sex with every boy on this planet.- Browndown fakes orgasms so the women believe they were good ...
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Browndown5490Member avatar small Browndown 5y
Introduce Yourself

Facts about Deaven

- My name is Niklas, im 23 years old living in the oil country Norway where all the old whale hunters were born. - I love computers, i want all the newest and best hardware.- Im not a typically hater, i love most of the people in the gaming commun...
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Deaven9649Small Deaven 5y
Introduce Yourself

Who's sunstrikerx

Whad up bixa, I’m Aaron,(Sunstrikerx)I live in Adelaide, Australia, not in the bush ;)I’m 18, still in school but almost done, I skipped year 10 because I...
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sunstrikerx7636Small Razziel 5y
Introduce Yourself

Hello Bixa

Greetings Bixa members. You may not know me but allow me to introduce myself. My name is -AYO- I've been playing Warz/ISS for almost 1 year now. I've ran into several Bixa members in the servers from time to time. Much respect and a very good cl...
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-AYO-6401Small Razziel 5y
Introduce Yourself

Ahh Herro

I just killed bout 5 BIXA members on the hill, shame i couldn't pick up the vss'
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Maliwan3341Small Worrun 5y
Introduce Yourself

Proposal for cooperation

Hello,I'm Noah (ingame name and real name), I am graphic designer & French. I live in Paris.My English is not great but I understand what you told and I can say information correctly in game. I play a Warz since alpha and I made a single team ...
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Noah4311Small FireLance 5y
Introduce Yourself

hello everybody

Names corbin, Im hoping too one day become a part of bixa. But heres my twitch and
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m70b1jr3291Small m70b1jr 5y
Introduce Yourself

Hello bixa.

Hello I'm Rev and play with Konvict.I've sent an e-mail to Warren about the prospect of some clan battles between our fine community's.I enjoy watching some of your streamers on twitch and would love to get some events organised.Let me know what y...
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KG Rev6539Small Felipemarcuzzi (che norris) 5y
Introduce Yourself


Hey guys, I know most of you already know me but for the new members/trials, hello I'm SEAASER. In real life my name's Jacob Sutphin, I'm 20 years old, I'm a photographer and I enjoy playing video games. Currently I am not a member due to inactivi...
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SEAASER3332Member avatar small SEAASER 5y
Introduce Yourself


Im Panda Manda on warZ and i was encouraged to joining bixa thanks to you all i can pvp with much encouragements
Member avatar small PandaManda 5y
PandaManda2278Small Felipemarcuzzi (che norris) 5y
Introduce Yourself

Good Morning, Good afternoon, and GoooooooDNIIGGHHTTT!!!

Haha, maybe there was a Dakotaz pun in there. Will see who catches on. Anyways, my in-game name is Broscience. I am 21, and I live in Kent, Ohio. I play WarZ a lot, and I love the game. I am a total forum user and I love to make threads about how ...
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Broscience12848Small Nitro 5y
Introduce Yourself

Hello i am goku

Just kidding i am rkfear and just come to say hiHello again warren
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rkfear2303Small Felipemarcuzzi (che norris) 5y
Introduce Yourself

SpartanLAD saying hi!

Hey guys - SpartanLAD here.Just thought I'd pop on and say hi and introduce myself!I'm 21, from South Coast UK, I'm a Graphic Designer and casual gamer. I watch a lot of Silent3m's Twitch streams on Infestation and think they're awesome!Hope to me...
Small SpartanLAD 5y
SpartanLAD5443Small Snipey 5y
Introduce Yourself

Are you ready for p0rtrait?!?!

Hello all!!First i would thank you all for accepting me for trial."who is this dude?" you may ask, and if you didnt read my application i will tell about myself something.So im 29 years old beaty from Finland. (im male)Have 2 kids other is 3+ year...
Small p0rtrait 5y
p0rtrait2245Small Clide Frog 5y
Introduce Yourself

Need a trade ???

Hey Guys,Most of you know me, Huff from Ikon, former leader of Merchant MafiaHave done numerous trades with Warren, Alumani, Castiel, Silent3m, Clide and many others !!If you are need of a trade just let me know, have a very large GIHuff
Member avatar small huffmaster 5y
huffmaster6523Small Felipemarcuzzi (che norris) 5y