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Introduce Yourself

Interests, other aspirations, Basically a BIO

Hey guys, i wanted to make this topic for some reason, so people could write about things that inspire them, their aspirations in life, who they are, and what they want to do in life. I'll start off ^.^ My name is Joseph, i'm 21 years old, and cur...
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Introduce Yourself


Hey guys.I decided to make an updated introduction of myself since we have a lot of new members who might not know me.So my name is Jimi in real life, I'm 23 years old and I live in Finland, northern Scandinavia. I work as a superior service advis...
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Voimis322125Small Erckul 3y
Introduce Yourself

100 Questions ☢

Aint got anything better to do, so lets make this a thing.Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.- "Most bats spend the day sleeping, while they hang with their head facing downwards out of predators range" Animal lexicon ...
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Introduce Yourself

100 Questions!

Hi Guys, this is similar to C's 100 facts. I'm going to fill out this template for a bit of fun, maybe you guys could do the same.. Could be interesting ;)? Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4. Stretch your left a...
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Introduce Yourself

100 Questions

Hi Guys, this is similar to Warren's 100 facts. I'm going to fill out this template for a bit of fun, maybe you guys could do the same.. Could be interesting Wink?Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4. - Don't have any boo...
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Introduce Yourself

its about time

Well its about time i wrote one of these.Been here for 10 months now and i gotta say that its been a blast.Few things about me:First of all i am Bulgarian.For those who don't know Bulgaria is located in the Balcanes near Turkey,Greece,Romania and ...
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Introduce Yourself

Oi m8s

Better late than never right?Welp yea, so *ahem* idk where to really start, but yea Hi, the names Maurizio but I prefer to be called Marz, original nickname I came up with myself, omg I know right such creativity. I come from Italian decent, basic...
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Marz181146Small xDarrick 3y
Introduce Yourself


After being in this clan for a couple of months now, I think it's time for me to introduce myself.So, hi, I'm Jeroen and I'm from the Netherlands.I have 2 older brothers who got me into gaming and now I'm the biggest gamer in my family. This is th...
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Introduce Yourself

I'm nogpyra, you know~

Let me introduce myselfHere you will or not read many letters on bad english. Sorry about that.Hello everyone.I'm join BIXA as a part of [Smite] community and I want to let you know who I am and what you can do with me.My name is Marta, I'm 26 yea...
Small nogpyra 3y
nogpyra674474Small FraNzy 3y
Introduce Yourself

Hello All.............

I've joined the site to see what you guys do here, why it is so popular? I run an Xcom Guild and i found this site while browsing through Shivtr, looks like you guys have a lot of fun. Who exactly is in charge around here? The url to my site is ht...
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SSGBnel969724Small Burrows 3y
Introduce Yourself


Having been in the clan for 9 months, and recently promoted to Advisor for the Smite section - I just realized that I have never officially introduced myself and that I pretty much have no idea who anyone is outside of the Smite section xDSo with ...
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Ashnu7558Small Ashnu 3y
Introduce Yourself


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Introduce Yourself

Hai :)

Hey guys! I have recently got accepted as CS:GO Trial and I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys :DWell, I'm from Brazil and my real name is Vinicius aka Vinny (it's hard to pronouce it properly, I know xD), I'm 16 years old and finally dec...
Small VinnyX 3y
VinnyX16824Small ElChupacabra 3y
Introduce Yourself

You can call me Lou

I am playing smite since december. I didnt have much progress. I have either 11 or 12 god masteries at the moment. I am finding it very hard to pick a god before a match begins (mostly arena and now joust and seige) For example I never played anub...
Small loulina 3y
loulina9710Small Cecillie 3y
Introduce Yourself

Hey im Banana... ähm Alex

Well i haven`t done this yet.. and i think its finally time for that! My name is Alex (yeah Ninja!) im 17 years old and i joined kinda 4 Months ago as a little shy melt boy (i rly kinda talked nothing and was quiet as fk) now after this time i hav...
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Introduce Yourself


Hi, I'm Leen, from England. I'm joining Bixa as part of the Smite community.
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Introduce Yourself

hi im dan

helo i am dan u probably dont know me the end
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Introduce Yourself

Svena69's Return

Hello everyone! This post is especially for all current bixa members. Oh, I didn't really know where to make this post so if it's under the wrong section, please move it :3Please read carefully, I am trying to explain this as best as I can. I am g...
Small Svena69 4y
Svena69262364Small Worrun 4y
Introduce Yourself

Hey guys, Okay or Pureyoo here.

Hey Bixa members,Just wanted to introduce myself. I usually go by Pureyoo on most games I play and Okay on LoL. I'm pretty into gaming, started with Runescape and now I play whatever is fun. I used to stream a lot on twitch until I got banned on t...
Member avatar small Okay 4y
Okay7750Member avatar small Okay 4y
Introduce Yourself

Hello Guys!

Hello Guys, i'm new to this forum and I would like to take part of the clan.I'm 18 and I currently play I:SS and I:SS Emulators!I hope to have a nice stay!Cya!
Member avatar small lucabean 4y
lucabean13671Small Neo_SkyTek 4y