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Just saying hello and stuff

Hey guys,Just wanted to quickly say hello thought I should finally for the guys that don't know me :P Some of you guys probably know me for fanboying bixa (especially Worrun) and being a mod in Akam, Worrun, Castiel, Snipey, Erckul, and Meows stre...
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Hello Everyone!

Greetings everyone!I'd like to shout out to everyone that I hope they are having a great day/night!Its been quite some time since I've even heard the word BIXA so I thought I'd stop by and say hello!I haven't spoken to anyone from the WarZ/ISS EMU...
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Im ZombieVixen aka DAISY23 FemaleI Work a full time job, but i game as much as possible. ITS and outlet for me to just get away. I live in a small town where theres nothing to do. Fav Gun BLazzorFav food Cheesecake haha Fav color Pinkok this chee...
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Been a long time

Hey guys been a long time how you all doing
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Newbie Here

Hello I'm Paul. I joined here to discover new games and find friends within the gaming community. I love playing both mobile games and PC games a lot. My favorite PC games are Guild Wars 2, Terra, Diablo 3, Torch Light, Alice Madness Returns, Witc...
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Hey guys,Posting just to say hey to anybody and everybody from Bixa that remembers me, or not. I've had only but good experiences with any member, I miss you guys, and wish you all the best. Oh and shoutout to PaC hes my favourite ;)Best Regards,C...
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I just realized that I never presented myself on your beautiful forum.So IRL my name is Nicolas, I'm 20years and I'm french (ok this part was ez Kappa)Daily I'm serious, punctual, I love being helpful, shy, rancorous and impatient.I have a dog (La...
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Hi everyone! RPG Gamer here!

Hi everyone, call me Dang for short. Avid gamer but probably RPG is the name of my game. I'm currently playing MU: Origin from my phone. I also play PC games like the Diablo series, Torchlight 1 & 2, Grim Dawn and some rogue-like games like He...
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Iv been with Bixa since day one, I came from swtor and ffxi. Iv played war z since oct 15 and ran one of the largest legit clans untill dec when ppl left due to hacking/bordom. Im always here to help ppl out and if you ever need anything just come...
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The old Voimis

Right,so some of you might have heard wild stories about "the old Voimis" who was "more cool" and "more dench" so I thought I'd show you guys exactly what was up back in the day.Back in 2010 with my old band-----------------------------------2009 ...
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Hello All i am Roland Pospichal

Hello Guys, I am Roland Pospichal. I love to listen songs. Rihanna is my favorite.
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Hello everyone!! WondrousStool here

I know I actually was accepted for a trial a couple days ago, but I have been busy and not able to get on the TS server:P. Regardless I figure I should introduce myself.I play a multitude of games although the vast majority of them are single play...
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Hey! I'm Soukiden! here to troll and make friends!

I play many different games, but main ones are League of Legends (Plat) and Halo 5 (Diamond/Onyx in most playlists). I have an xbox one, ps4, and PC. I came up with my name when I was young and started playing runescape. all the names I wanted wer...
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Get ready for some Schadd!

I use to post on my guilds Forum a bunch and love this damn formatting, so strap in for colorful posts n shit form here on out!Hi! I'm Schad! I'm a new member and thought I'd say hello! Let's get down to the nitty gritty stuff first, then I'll ram...
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So, the time has come to say hola to all!I'm some sort of a 21 year old spanish guy who lives at barcelona, and i'm usually being called Leo Messi (Oriol Mateos).I'm studying computer engineering at the UPF of barcelona and i'd been working as a w...
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Hey There BIXA!!! Happy Holidays from Sadance

Hey there Bixa guys and gals!!! Just wanted to reach out to everyone and wish everyone a happy holidays and also introduce myself. If you guys would like, I have a twitch channel at with a couple of streaming videos of mine as ...
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Since the Ts is dead atm i just thought i would introduce myself real quick.My real life name is Tim, im 16 years old and live close to Munich and visit the 11th class of a Gymnasium.I started playing video games about 6 years ago, beginning with ...
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chrisb591 the RAGER

Hi guys,My name is christian and i am from Berlin/Germany. I am 17 years old and still go to school. In my freetime i love to play football and I pick up more girls than raging in TS :B . My favourite football team is Hertha BSC Berlin and im a hu...
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Neff - Hi Guys

So i guess i just wanted to make a post to say hi to everyone and to make my first forum post. My names Max, screen name Neff, and im in NewZ trial right now. So far the people i have played with in BIXA over the past couple of days have all bee...
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100 Questions

Inspired by Maile and Ce's threads!I'm going to fill out this template for a bit of fun, maybe you guys could do the same.. Could be interesting Wink?Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.> "couldn't move, his arms and ...
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