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100% vss for antis

i need antis pretty please :D
Member avatar small michelleyk91 3y
michelleyk910175Member avatar small michelleyk91 3y

In house clan battle 8v8/10v10

So could we please do this, a lot of people wanted these previously and still do. For example we could do a 8V8 in clearview, applying the same clan match rules ect and two teams who start either side of town.If you would like to see this happen j...
Small Slaying 3y
Slaying14680Small Asi 3y


Well everyone, I have left clan on ISS, i am still playing, but our pvp is not what i was hoping it could be, I hope that I can have friend in TS, Im sure I will run into you guys in game, much love for all of u.
Small grahampb 3y
grahampb384419Small Neo_SkyTek 3y

I need M249'S and m249 ammo boxes

Im trading snipers for them plsz
Small Slaying 3y
Slaying4258Small Slaying 3y

Aftermath - Gameplay Stream

Sergey Titov = 'We plan on streaming gameplay of the Aftermath this week. We'll post time and date as soon as we'll lock them in.'
Small Slaying 3y
Slaying221520Small Worrun 3y

My Frag Movie #1

Guys PLEASE like the video and subscribe as it helps me out loads! :-)
Small Slaying 3y
Slaying212468Small Slaying 3y

Small Worrun 3y
Worrun14722Small Worrun 3y

How it is to duo in ISS

So i have decided today to play with Glad our new Trial. After the first server i had to change the game already . I dont know but what is up with ISS is the last weeks very horrible. The Video me and Glad :
Small BananaJoe 3y
BananaJoe9453Small Tom 3y

clan war whc1 - bixa

So I was wondering if you guys wanted a clan war at smallville or clearview 10v10 - or 8v8 we can do any number obviously you guys would pick the team but we would like you play against your strongest team then your team that play daily like red ...
Member avatar small cakey123 3y
cakey123302505Member avatar small cakey123 3y

Clan Battle? Infestation

Hello everyone, Sorry if I posted this in the wrong location I was not sure , I've looked around and assumed it will suitable to post this here. I would like to see if your clan would like to set up a clan battle against White Rabbit Community in ...
Member avatar small gunsmoke 4y
gunsmoke14700Small Slaying 3y

I need lockers, trading Snipers

Hai guysI'll be playing Clearview now cuz West Oaks is boring :/. Since leaving clearview the 1st time all my lockers despawned... so I need some Lockers to stash.I have Snipers to trade which are all 100% empty, no ammo. (NO M107S)
Small Slaying 3y
Slaying0138Small Slaying 3y

ISS Events

I was wondering if you guys would be up for events in ISS. I had in mind-Hide n' seek(2 shotgun fags search for whatever number of hiders in a town (boulder, boulder!) and the last guy alive gets prizes)-Fist Fights-Mexican standoffs(We make a cir...
Member avatar small bazinga 3y
bazinga222548Small Slaying 3y

Welcome iss thailand

hi bro my name bom i form thailand. i have a choice if you need play infestation thailand .i have id card and web site client and sever private or clan more plople.if you have question. i just answer thankyou so much facebook me = https://www.face...
Member avatar small isusbomkak 3y
isusbomkak6538Member avatar small isusbomkak 3y

How To Install Infestation Thailand
Small Slaying 3y
Slaying53494Small Erckul 3y

Private Server

Hey guys know people where saying private server was running out soon so GC sale and all i put 800 hours on private so sweet for a least a month just thought i would let you know hope to see you guys soon just been real busy thanks
Member avatar small krine88 3y
krine88252164Small All Around Me 3y

Infestation Thailand Championship

Ive been lurking on youtube and found out that those ladyboys got a championship and iam very jelly on that .Share opinionsLink:
Small BananaJoe 3y
BananaJoe392933Small Tom 3y

Quitting ISS?

Hey guys :)so, I havent played ISS for weeks now, all I did was selling stuff on the black market for a while.I dont feel the game anymore, not even any other games.. I just think Its time to move on. Most of you guys know that I'm leaving Germany...
Member avatar small Traze 3y
Traze12989Member avatar small Traze 3y

Aftermath MMO - Infestation New Beginnings Leaked Video like aids
Small Slaying 3y
Slaying142794Small Volwer 3y

I need Stanags & Meds (No DX) Trading Snipers

So im not selling my shit any more as i'm enjoying the game :O. Does anyone have any green bandages and stanags they'd want to trade for snipers?
Small Slaying 3y
Slaying3341Small Slaying 3y

Called it a look at the pics what does it look like ?I swear the Rise of badlands stress test was for iss NB copy paste copy paste
Small xkozik 4y
xkozik222761Small Burrows 3y