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Q&A With WarZ Devs

All I care about is Veteran servers, or servers that require certain amounts of play time to access (24, 48 hours)That is something that we can definitely add. Expect this to be added fairly soon.
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Snipey offline

Hey guys i will be offline for 2 days (holiday) cya guys and have fun PEACE !
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Recent Bans

Survivors! For the last couple of weeks we have seen an increase in false ban claims. We take these very seriously and investigate these issues as best as we can. One very important thing to note on this subject: The hacker sites ask their users ...
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Punkbuster Deep Scan?

People are talking in forums about deep scan. A lot of people have been banned already, including GotEmBro. Once again people have no idea why they have been banned.In case of GotEmBro it could be combat logging or quad damage through the walls.Le...
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New message you get when Banned think this should be done in game like it just pops up on there screen when they die from being banned and everytime they try to log in there banned account.
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I think we should take advantage of Browndown and Castiels stronghold again today and especially in daytime.
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Clan War

Hi all!!! My name is Paul, and i am from Russia, Moscow. Sorry me for my bad english. I and my friends have our own big serious clan, 30+ people, we organised too many different CW with other clans, not only with russian clans, but with AWOL, Inje...
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I need guns

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whats up guy, i have a question for all what did you think about the new patch ? and what's your frame rate now and before patch ? :D
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[VIDEO]I finally opened my stream. Cleaning up Redeemers squad.

Opening highlights!VSS Action: Bixa vs Redeemer squad, quad kill and mad loot!>Youtube: a stronghold with Bixa
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Snipey / Pharmacy action
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Bixa's WarZ Hunger Games (date to be announced)

This list of rules will be edited, and is open to suggestion. Map rules: 1: If it's red it's dead, you leave the out of bounds zone, a ref WILL kill you. 2: "May pass through" means, if you go into Blue Ridge to pass through, you're fine. You may ...
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Camp Splinter and Airport Loot Boxes?!

I've been browsing the warz forums and many people have been saying there are splinter loot boxes on the cement pallets by the towers I dont know where at airport but people have been saying they are there also. I dont know for sure but its worth ...
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Anyone want a Gamespot Backpack?

I know it's a backpack and it's not very rare but I have seen no one with one, Akam probly has one though ;) . So if anyone's interested and you have extras and don't care. I have really been wanting a G36. Try not to rage at me because it is prob...
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The power of pharmacy (8kills) /Snipey

Keep coming to me bitches !Your text to link here...
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I am looking to make some new series, a machinima and as well as some tutorial videos if anyone is interested? I would need an assistance for some of it, and sometimes a group, just looking for a headcount of anyone who would be interested in doin...
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Hello Bixa as you may know im from (ldnl) the clan that aimbotted u guys. I wanne i say i got nofing to do with that and im very mad about it. The clan leaders probetly gonne ban them. but i am probetly leaving the clan becouse the...
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stupid aimbotters + 2 sweet kills <- Funny clip with pedroz TKing krasnii LOLOLOLOLOL
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Warren i was right

You know when i got killed 2 times and i dont know from where and there names had boxes look at this video i was right these 2 killed me .
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