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Best WarZ Videos 2012-2013

Some videos from Acebane21, I used to watch his alpha videos a lot
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Slaying4406Small VinnyX 2y

Iss comeback? rofl im not a member but i guess its worth to share
Small Darkkaspar 2y
Darkkaspar9721Small Innovator 2y

iss 2.0 (aftermath) update

from sergey:Greeting Survivors, We understand your anxiety and anticipation for a Closed Beta Release and while we really need more time to work on the patch to make sure we address all the critical issues... we also know that you’ve been patientl...
Small xDarrick 2y
xDarrick10723Small xDarrick 2y

Iss thai blocked vpns and eu/us connections as of 18/08/2015

They've just blocked eu and us connections and also connections from a VPN. Main reason is because of the new cheat what was made for Thailand called 'Paladin' so yea.. if anyone wanted to know
Small Slaying 2y
Slaying9900Small FraNzy 2y

Login Failed

Hello guys i have turn back to infestation thai and now i see Login Failed pls try later. Whats wrong with this launcher? Is this problem because i got a EU IP? pls hesl me. And im so sorry for my unactivity i dont have a time for play i got much ...
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LuckyStriker62111Member avatar small LuckyStriker 2y
Slaying16944Small Worrun 2y

My 6th ISS Thailand Montage

Just check out the video maybe gimme a like or even sub to my channel.I know that the kills are not really special as i didnt have a lot of time to get good content cuz i was a lot in hospital the last months.Video
Small BananaJoe 2y
BananaJoe6482Small EliteOfficial 2y

Aftermath-devs turning the game around?! ISS v2 confirmed?, it sounds kinda interesting if you read the articel.some quotes:"At the end we've realized that it will be huge disservice to our loy...
Small Lampe 2y
Lampe11893Small glad 2y

Want a looting partner for airport

need someone to loot with at airport i have a lockbox so i will place it and we can just throw stuff in it and transfer it to safezone when we want to trials and members
Small zXcmcrazinessXz 5y
zXcmcrazinessXz181715Small Tom 2y

A long goodbye to WarZ, bittersweet if you will

So i have done alot of thinking when i was on the cruise and im so damn upset with how things went with war z. So basically they come out with this great idea to copy day z but with a tiny twist, Make it arcady and not a simulation kinda game. ITS...
Small Razziel 2y
Razziel292075Small GamingWithDon 2y

Some funny moments I found!

I was just going through some old memories, when I found these videos. Had me laughing so I thought I would share them. ENJOY
Small Smaxy 3y
Smaxy322298Small Worrun 2y

Just for the good old days

Should we make a clanwar inside Clearview as we did a few months back? Just for the good old days? :)The rules would be the same and an officer would make the teams from the clan. Only ar's (no shottys, no smg's etc),No barricades of any sort,No c...
Small Cecillie 2y
Cecillie392638Small FraNzy 2y

Excuse me?

Uhmm, what? at their pictures.
Small Voimis 2y
Voimis201025Small Voimis 2y

ISS server

Do u guys know how many days left we got in the server?Im afraid of placing my lockers and suddenly loosing them ahahah
Small Asi 2y
Asi12704Small Asi 2y

Asitakarino is back? shit.

Ey mates whats the story?Just wanna announce im coming back to Spain tomorrow so I will be back in the game also.To tell the truth I dont even know if there is "game" nowadays.Do we still play iss? No thai mode pliz :)Regards buddies!
Small Asi 2y
Asi271782Small Asi 2y

need stuff Kappa

Jesus christ gaizmooooo :DI'll check what I have once I get home
Small Voimis 2y
gizmoooo8507Small Castiel 2y

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jakeowaty4371Small Rezyk 2y

Yo boyz <3 was a rly fun time together but now its time to leave!

Finally done it :3 was about time i guess...Enjoy it :D;
Small All Around Me 2y
All Around Me352065Small glad 2y

ISS and french faggots

When ppl ask me why i don't play with players from my own country here my answer: fucking frenchs are cheating and don't tell me it's the game w...
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glad181160Small TyranXP 2y

DoomMMO - Leftoverz;
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Slaying3343Member avatar small Tazed 2y