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[Pinned] I:SS PVP RULES!

[Pinned] I:SS PVP RULES!

Everyone who wishes to PvP with us must read these following rules and reply by saying "understood" - otherwise you can't join us in PvP.1. Loot stealing is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban. If something is missing from your loot you ca...
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[Pinned] Your character names!

I'm implementing a new rule to I:SS;from this day on you are required to post all of your active character names in here, otherwise you will not have the access to our private server!And this is because I've been receiving complaints about people ...
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Mausers for Stanags or AR"s

Hey guys I have 10+ mauser sp66 n 3+ mausers srg desertI really need some ar's and stanags let me know if your interested.
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The WarZ is coming again

The WarZ is coming again if some are interest in few days
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Congratulations Cecillie!

Say grats to our newest I:SS Advisor - Cecillie! She has proven to be loyal, mature and more than capable of handling things in and outside of the game.Good luck, C-DOG!
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Is InfectZ dead?

I've been playing this game now for a while, but for a 2 days servers and website is pretty much dead. Does anyone know anything about it?
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I need lockers

well guyz would like to adquire lockers.right now i only got 4, that is is not enough to loot and keep pvp in 2 places.u can trade me, lend me or (so cherished) or donate me (and u will inaugurate my donation section ^^
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Whatever is left of I:SS is getting absolutely destroyed

PlayBreak is getting updated with the new hacks Linus and Fred developed, including the GOD MODE and INVISIBILITY.Whatever was left of I:SS is getting completely molested by these two guys since PlayBreak is a free cheat. Obviously we all already ...
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Patch notes may 7th

UPDATE 2:45: We ran into a couple issues with the patching process and will need to extend the downtime until 4:00pm PDT. New AdditionsProximity voice chat added - It is now possible to hear and talk to other players that are within a 200m radius...
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iss world

sergey said release will be end of march, gc from old iss will be transed from the old one (ceo from ee - thailand confirmed that)will we see a playable game? i hope so
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Infestation Thailand.

There still ppl from us playing thai? Because im prob going to change to Thai servers soon and yeah searching for some ppl to play with ^^
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Please check it out and reply :D
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warz alpha?

Some dude was playing this it looks so much fun :D Anybody know anything about it?
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I miss u :(

when i see this shit again i miss the game but avobe all i miss u boyz (and sisters)still waiting the new iss to come back <3merry christmas!
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Who thinks that the new dev team will have the patches out before the end of the month?Who thinks it will be next month?who thinks im a nigger?and whoo thinks the game will be good?winner gets my PhD (Pretty huge dick)write your bets below and don...
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IF the new iss is magically going to be great, wouldnt that mean fredaikas loses all his WOPPING 3 friends in newZ?will he start developing cheats again to kill warZ for the benefit of his EMUlator?He might go crazy idk man.
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they said the game will be updated and wiped in the first week of november! lets get ready for cumback EXDEE
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"classic" Iss Will Not Be Wiped!

Cause Slaying isn't here to post that :p game will stay, classic and resurrection. And a new anticheat will be add on both game.Obviously Halloween Gc's sal...
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Iss Ressurection Update Information!
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