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Mom tried to name daughter ‘Cyanide’ because that’s what killed Hitler
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Silent6500Small Schadd 2y
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How is everyone? :3
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CraftEvolution6662Small Cecillie 2y
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Slaying3270Small Burrows 2y
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possibly the greatest CSGO game ever
Small Richie 2y
Richie3386Small Volwer 2y
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come step by and chill =D

on a lan atm and if you guys would like to chill ^^<3
Small FraNzy 2y
FraNzy0247Small FraNzy 2y
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An answer to one of lifes hardest questions out, its fucking nasty)
Small Muslingen 2y
Muslingen5806Small TyranXP 2y
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"Danny Duncan" Check out his vids. One of the greatest "zero fucks" pranksters/youtubers left is just his latest video, not his best. Check 'em out
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Worrun3350Small Tom 2y
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Best Chrome Extension Ever
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Silent131212Small Tom 2y
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Rate the song above you

Sorry if this has been done before
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Looking for SlayingZombiesInHD

last I saw him was in this clan, could someone direct me to him or his steam account? thanks
Small grahampb 2y
grahampb6608Small Red Eye Jedi 2y
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Worrun5572Small Shadowwolf 2y
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Would you step on this dog for 18 billion dollars?
Small Xale 2y
Xale5379Small VinnyX 2y
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cas got scammed for $20

Small PaC' 2y
PaC'8487Small Worrun 2y
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Walking Dead vs Last of Us (funny as fuck)
Small Worrun 2y
Worrun4325Small Tom 2y
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If BIXA would go to war

Me, Shadowwolf and Goldy found ourselves messing around with the idea of us going to war as a clan regiment. Here are some of the ranks and jobs different members would have in our regiment:Voimis - I would probably be doing what I did in the army...
Small Voimis 2y
Voimis412761Small Smaxy 2y
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Selling a division game-code

Hey,so I got myself a gtx 970 and with it I got a free copy of Tom Clancy's The Division, I already bought the game before that on steam tho, so I can't use the code.Anyways if anyone is interested, I can sell it for 40€ (20€ cheaper).
Small Atiyo 2y
Atiyo9941Small Worrun 2y
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How to throw grenades.....KAPPA

Fucking Kerx xD
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1 inch bitches

#bowlofsalad #tossitaround
Small VinnyX 2y
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