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im still alive

hello guys , im RANDOM4962im from south korea ( not north , i hate kim jung eun )few month ago . im play csgo with bixa members it was so funny for me . because my first experience play game with foreigner using team speak ( but i can't speak bec...
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RANDOM49624341Small Worrun 2y
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New 3D platformer Survival game!

CM Softworks Inc. have just launched Scorch on Steam Greenlight and are doing a very special giveaway!Special giveaway: CLICK HEREDon't forget to vote for us on Greenlight! Visit us at: CLICK HEREAnd become involved in the development and provide ...
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KEYOS.2298Small Charlie 2y
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Yo King of the Kill H1z1

Whats up guys, long time no see. So ive just started to play H1z1 Kotk and wouldnt it be sick if we played queued up as a group of 5? Bixa has previously ruled Warz, Newz, Infestation, you name it!Lets take over h1z1 and make Bixa King of the KILL!
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CptJackSparrow1200Small CptJackSparrow 2y
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Later guys

These past three years have been fun. But with the disrespect is shown towards me from a fellow officer after we talk about the exact same thing, I just don't want to waste my time here. My opinion doesn't matter on the clan anymore and if people ...
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ElChupacabra333416Small xDarrick 2y
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Hi, some of you may know me, i played the NewZ with some of you, and i was thinking if i can have a friend tag, you know i just want to have some chat with some of the guys. Have a nice day :D
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bakeru6513Member avatar small bakeru 2y
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summit gets swatted while hunting pokemons lmao violence tho :(
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VinnyX12986Small Jpl187 2y
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a message from the warz developers

blast from the past
Small Worrun 2y
Worrun4280Small Red Eye Jedi 2y
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Greatest video of all time (possibly)
Small Richie 2y
Richie3282Small Volwer 2y
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Lifeless is beginning to look kinda promising

..well, going from game-patterns -- I wouldn't say "promising" as such, but it looks kinda coolIt's a zombie survival game (surprised?) but it's taking the more arcade route like WarZ did, which I haven't seen any games do yet/for a long time(this...
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Worrun81100Small Shadowwolf 2y
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RIP Slayings hopes and dreams
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buffy's husband is back?? PogChamp
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Hallo, how is everyone
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Shattered Skies

Whoever is playing the game or is thinking about getting it just post on this thread. I kinda want a general idea of people who are actually playing the game so grouping can be easier. Maybe time zones of when your playing? I myself just bought th...
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Vuzzle10580Small Worrun 2y
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Thinking about playing a WoW Cataclysm server again

After watching the Warcraft movie and still wanting to get back into at least 1 game I'm gunna' give it a go
Small Worrun 2y
Worrun2261Small Richie 2y
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lmfao this is great
Small VinnyX 2y
VinnyX6509Small Red Eye Jedi 2y
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In a parallel universe..

... Worrun still plays video games... Silent loves League of Legends and hates beer... Razziel multi-clans... Castiel lost his virginity when he was 14 and has brown hair... Voimis has a good PC and he never lost his virginity... Burrows never str...
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Voimis191533Small Red Eye Jedi 2y
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1 hour of Escape From Tarkov alpha footage
Small Worrun 2y
Worrun8853Small xDarrick 2y
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Juan year :)

So it's been an year! Coming across Bixa's path was one of the best things that happened to me for a very long time and i could not be more grateful and honored to part of this clan. 2015 was a really bad year for me overall, so much bad shit hap...
Small VinnyX 2y
VinnyX161431Small PaC' 2y
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Nazi Pug wants to gas the Jews
Small Worrun 2y
Worrun3695Small VinnyX 2y