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Photoshop Shit

Doing some shit in photoshop tomorrow and wednesday, feel free to hmu if you need anything (overlay/profile pic/twitter background,logo,etc)Donations are happily accepted through it when I'm streaming and it'...
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Congratulations to our new EU Adviser - Westen!

Congrats buddy and welcome to the team!
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Voimis16997Small Worrun 1y
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Teamspeak Password Please?

Can I get the password to the Teamspeak? Its Lightning
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Lightning Arc5302Small Charlie 1y
General Discussion

Tasted his own... what.

In case you've heard me telling this story in the TS, here's the clip for ya.
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Selling comp

One of my buddies is selling his PC if anyone is interested
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If you like old-school RPG's like Diablo 2, Divine Divinity, D&D, etc

I've been playing this game on IOS (might be on PC and Android too, haven't looked) for a week now and it is amazing, but best of all it's FREE called Exiled Kingdoms!Here are some screenshots and features the game has, and as you can see it is pr...
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Ey, does anyone here play this awesome game?I started to play it 3 months ago, currently 2600elo (I like his ranked mode)So if u guys play it, im down for grouping up!
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Asi4207Small Silent 1y
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Need new songs for my playlist, wondering if any of you could link me some good ones.Currently lovin papa roach, nickleback, nothing more, bring me the horizon, shinedown, five finger death punch, three days grace etc...anything from them or stuff...
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airdrop dupe
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Selling my PC

Hello ladies n gentsI'll be selling my main pc for the extra $$$ as I found myself a beautiful 1984 project truck ill be investing n working on(let the memess begin)Thought i'd give y'all a first shot/look at it if anyones looking to purchase one ...
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"Days Gone" looks fucking sick!

It's probably gunna' be a shitty linear campaign forcing you to "go here" and "feel this" like "The Last of Us" but my oh my, it looks pretty good! like the fact that he's a biker too, being a fan of SoA
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yo whats up

Finally back after being inactive for like a year or 2.. I dunno if any of you still remember me but I played the fuck out of League of Legends and was accepted into Bixa. I came back here and there on breaks and "Che" kept giving me TS info. Now ...
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General Discussion

hey could a mod please read

Hi all umm i know i havent been active since ive joined about 1 week after i joined i was in a car accident and have been in icu i had no way of contacting anyone to let them know what was happening about my absence but i am all fine now and i am ...
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Is this where this goes?

What I've been up to for the past year and half. A little background to this. PANTSU was a troll guild but we became serious after capping a castle Original GM quit and I took over. We destroyed two servers and then we went and met the supposed...
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General Discussion

golf with friends**WARNING** EXTREMELY TILTING GAME IF YOU GET TILTED EASILYdinky little $5 game on steam thats actually really fun with a bunch of guys, can do 8+ player servers hosted by us with custom settings, knock eac...
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Happy upcoming!

Happy upcoming 2017 boyz, Lets hope well make next year bixa great af, and rek all the servers ;)
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merry Christmas burrows

i hope u all have a fab Christmas from slaying xxxxxxxx
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Throwback Baby
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im still alive

hello guys , im RANDOM4962im from south korea ( not north , i hate kim jung eun )few month ago . im play csgo with bixa members it was so funny for me . because my first experience play game with foreigner using team speak ( but i can't speak bec...
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