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LF sci-fi tv shows/movies

So I'm looking for sci-fi tv shows kinda like Under the dome or Stargate. Basically sth that contains either exploring new planets/new parts of the earth and/or has some survival aspects to it (example: New planet, they are cut off the earth, need...
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Merry Christmas!

"...I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know.."Merry Christmas/happy holidays/happy Yule to each and everyone of you all!Drink a lot of wine, eat a bunch of ginger mingerbread cookies, enjoy the snow (should you have an...
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Reunion boyzzz?

well... dont let it die :clets play some devision. pubg, league god knows what but lets start playing together again? :P
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All Around Me3150Small Charlie 354d
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[new game] Have you seen Xera? ON UNREAL ENGINE 4-----The dev. is working solo on it and also has several other projects so expect a release of 2099 but still looks good and is very enjoyable.You can't buy it or play it yet unless you get into the close...
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[TUTORIAL] How to make the "Game List" wider in your Steam Library

I found this on reddit and now "PLAYER UNKNOWN'S: BATTLEGROUNDS" actually shows up properly on my list (amongst other games)Guide: of what it does:
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for one week! My bawz had the amazing idea to sent me to China from 6 to 12 July.(awesome...)So u guys know, don´t miss me to much
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Is it time for...

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Combination of all my Montages

Most of these are shit but when I go back and look at them I get nostalgia. - Published on Oct 2, 2014 - Published on Dec 13, 2014
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it's the zombie apocalypse - which of these items are u taking?

knife - useful for anything from cutting up meat, prying open cans or slitting ur wristshiking boots - watch any realistic apocalypse movie and u will see that footwear is most important (lots of traveling)first aid kit - if u get injured ur gunna...
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Worrun121674Member avatar small DangAromdee 1y
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New Story game since forums are dead

Make a random fake funny story about the person above youLets go
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Ark Survival Thread

would it be possible to have an Ark survival thread with an Application process I am looking for a group that plays Ark survival
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anyone down to pubg?

been playing a ton with slaying, voimis, and an irl friend of minelooking for more "hookups" i can just PM whenever for a few gamesno retards like tyran or richiethx
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Worrun201079Small GruntDz 1y
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Where can I get a banging ham sandwich in America

Trying to find a ham sandwich but I can't fuckin find one so help me pls
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Slaying4290Small GruntDz 1y
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Dying my hair bright RED [Pictures]

April fools, i'm not suicidal.
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long time

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CraftEvolution17956Member avatar small OzzyOsco 1y
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bye bye

im going to florida for 2x weeks so bye bye (playing with tilt in florida)
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Need Artwork?

Doing some artwork Friday, add me or PM me here of some artwork on profile
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when u crash your daddy's car!
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Happy Anniversary JPL

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