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Thanks for the fun

I've come to the decision that I will be leaving Bixa, and will not be returning in 2 weeks when I realise it was a mistakeI will be joining Slaying and the Smite guys in their clanThanks for the great times guys( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Fuck you
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Thanks - again.

So you've probably seen the other posts, but well if you haven't - I'm leaving. (again)So well yes, no hard feelings to anyone here in bixa but there are alot of things i disagree on but i never get to speak up cause it seems like whenever i actua...
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This is not an easy post for me. Either is the decision easy for me. This is a post I never thought I would make.But it's necessary. Everyone thinks it's easy to be a girl on the internet. But it really isnt. There is so much hate and sex haraseme...
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Thanks for everything.

Well the time has come and I don´t even wanna grind around the reasons I leave. Most people know it I guess.Actually I wanna say thank you all for the great time I had here in this community for all the amazing people I met and the endless hours o...
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I love you all <3

** No, I'm not leaving forever, no I'm not joining erk and them **After reading others posts, I've been moved to finally make a decision. I will be stepping down from a member, and be asking for a friend tag.I'm barely active anymore with my life ...
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Recent inactivity

Hey guys, most of u probably know me for hating me or for getting trolled by me , Kappa123, but yeah, i havent been active and probably wont be in the next months. I recently joined college, have been studying a lot and going to partys, made some ...
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Im leaving too Kappa 123

Dank meme
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[GAME] A - Z

A- Age: 23B- Biggest fear: Islamification C- Current time: 20:51D- Drink you last had: WaterE- Every day starts with: A sunrise [kappa]F- Favorite song: Ghosts, are they real? NopeH- Hometown: WrexhamI...
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A message for those who left and to our members.

Brothers and sisters who have gone through the best and the worst with all of us have decided to leave today. Some our most dedicated and lovely members we have ever had, truly amazing people which I'm happy to call them my friends. For them, i ha...
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Thanks guys for all.

Hey guys. Yes , i know that its looks stupid, as i tryed to go into bixa twice...*:| But now my friends are leave, and i can't be without them. Half of bixa don't know me ( i guess) , but its doesen't metter. Good bye , have fun, all good guys :)...
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Thanks for the great time :)

Yo I wanna thank U all it was a short but a nice time playing in Bixa I met some nice people in Bixa But i gonna leave thanks m8´sThanks for the time here [I hope you understand my choice] &lt;3It would be great if i can get "Friend" on Te...
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Thanks for the great time, and why im leaving BIXA.

First of all thank you for the great time you guys have given me.I am here to say goodbye to all of you.I've met some great/nice people in BIXAI will see you guys ingame anyway, but still just wanted to say it.First of all who brought the idea to ...
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Thanks for having me.

So, I decided to part my ways with this clan upon my reasons, and I just wanted to "Thank You" for everyone that ever talked with me, played with me and make some good memories with me.I had good time here. And I want to remember it as it is.See y...
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Clearing things up

So as most of you already know, i have been quite inactive for the past month and i'm sorry guys/girls since i do respect you all and i like to play with most of you in the clan. But the reason for my inactivity has been me. Basically i'm not play...
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Sadly the time has come

Now I will always feel bad for making jokes about Aids
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the first youtube video i had to close, i couldnt finish (filthyfrank)

starts off absolutely fucking splendidly hilarious, but then the hair -- nope, im gunna vomit
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Any converted Beliebers here?

His recent songs have been pretty awesome, not gunna lieLet the hate flow
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Transformation time :)

Hi everyone. Basically i've become dedicated to working out and getting myself inshape, and have a goal by summer time (late june/early july to be exact) to be pretty fit and buff, and get some chicks this summer ;)All seriousness thought, I alrea...
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