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To the ppl who never saw me there is half of my face Kappa
Small TugaTV 3y
TugaTV121483Member avatar small Frost / Peri 3y
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Has anyone seen this yet? Fking Cunt this guy i hope he dies slowly
Small TyranXP 3y
TyranXP5593Small Volwer 3y
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just watch this.
Small Worrun 3y
Worrun81123Small Charlie 3y
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Darrick and Voimis..
Small Worrun 3y
Worrun4650Small Charlie 3y
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Small Worrun 3y
Worrun202170Small Elena 3y
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Summit's H1Z1 Tourney

So yeah, he did a tourney with his subs and this happened
Small VinnyX 3y
VinnyX3593Small Worrun 3y
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Inactivity for a while.

Hi guys,As some of you may have already noticed, I haven't been the most active member to the community recently. I've been very focused on my life goals, job and girlfriend (who I see almost every ~ other weekend) whilst playing a bit on the side...
Small Maile 3y
Maile7627Small glad 3y
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Discounts, Steam has

Hello young warriors, Promotion Steam has, Star wars it has too. What will u buy?
Small TyranXP 3y
TyranXP6452Small Burrows 3y
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I guess its time also...

o wait ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Small Slaying 3y
Slaying10690Small chrisEVE 3y
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Small Castiel 3y
Castiel212081Small Elena 3y
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65% Discount World Of Warcraft

From 25th of November, through the 4th of January 2016 its 65% discount on all the World Of Warcraft games up to Warlords of Draenor including 1 month gametime.20€ Total(World Of Warcraft edition includes Vanilla, TBC, Wrath, Cata, Mists)
Small Deaven 3y
Deaven5463Small Deaven 3y
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I gues my time came aswel :(

Hello guys,its a sad day in my life since im gonna leaf u guys today :( over the last month i was rarely aktive in the bixa ts one main reason is that im mainly plaing CSGO with my new team i build up ( -Victorious Monkeys- ) we played already in...
Small Neo_SkyTek 3y
Neo_SkyTek201674Small glad 3y
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Christmas Gifts

Alright guys, so a few of you already know that I'm going to the U.S from the 19th dec till 2.jan. I am going to spend Christmas with the host family I was living with during my exchange year. I have no problems getting Christmas gifts for my fami...
Small Smaxy 3y
Smaxy262259Small TyranXP 3y
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Probably THE best AWP shot in CSGO
Small Worrun 3y
Worrun11717Small Tom 3y
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I reinstalled Windows

Pls gimme my ts rights back or ims tuck in the lobby ^^
Small chrisEVE 3y
chrisEVE0182Small chrisEVE 3y
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Why I love Reddit

Sometimes the banter is deeper than just the meme itself
Small Worrun 3y
Worrun5395Member avatar small Dyness 3y
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Help me (New headphones problems)

So i bought tritton ax 180, who were affordable and work for PC and ps4 and in the store they recommended them.With mono audio cable it works fine on the ps4 , tablet, phone etc, But when i go to the PC with the green cable and the red cable i tur...
Small TyranXP 3y
TyranXP6505Small Worrun 3y
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Leaving , thanks for everything .

thats an troll post btw Kappa
Small TugaTV 3y
TugaTV9763Small BananaJoe 3y
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FaZe Clan

So a lot of people have left in the past couple of days, and I recently got invited to join FaZe Clan for the I:SS Section.... Thanks for your time, All for one and one for all. BTW this thread is a troll.... if you didn't guess already..... dumba...
Small KEYOS. 3y
KEYOS.13881Small Elena 3y
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Thanks for the fun. (Updated & Reasons)

So i made this post when I was heading out the door so now its time for a real goodbye.Reason 1: "Banter"First off never thought id be leaving honestly I love all you people so much and the community and the memes, OH HOW I LOVE THE MEMES. The rea...
Small Xale 3y
Xale413668Small Worrun 3y