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[Pinned] Legendary Moments (continuation from Legendary Quotes)

So yeah, legendary moments (keep it in-game if you can, so more people can relate to it) from your time in Bixa!I'll begin:Me and Castiel, lizarding 'round at W Spawn in Clearview V1, the good old days :DMe and Belli, "bambie got that adub? tubtub...
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[Pinned] Rate the meme above you.

Because the music thread is full of linkin park and disturbed.
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[Pinned] guys i was bored so i made a warz quiz take a look :D
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[Pinned] Bixa Teamspeak Rules

1. Don't eat on the mic. If you do, prepare to die.
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Hey Bixa,Just wanted to let everyone who it may concern that I've been developing Doom MMO from scratch, creating my own game engine in C++. Its been approximately 6 months of doing tons of research on graphics programming, as well as game engine ...
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ISS new Z

Hi guys, whats up!?I recently tried to join ISS but couldn't (it says the account doesnt exist lol)By any chance, maybe old acc have been removed?Btw, i have seen some recruitment applys in the forum. Is the game back? hohoho
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Get Quick Help for Yahoo Support Services

kill niggers on behalf of yahoo
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Yahoo Messenger sign-in problems on iPhone

kill niggers on behalf of yahoo
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Special Message to Castiel from an old friend

h-henlo stinky gingego EAT a SOUL ugly
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Legendary Quotes

Hey guys, another forum game (kinda) Just wanted to have a place to include great quotes from the ether! You'll get what I mean when I get started:1. Browndown - I'm dead, fuck this game2. Dreams - What? Dakotaz killed me through the barricade are...
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Youtube Channel - Dude dives into lakes, rivers finding treasures
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LF sci-fi tv shows/movies

So I'm looking for sci-fi tv shows kinda like Under the dome or Stargate. Basically sth that contains either exploring new planets/new parts of the earth and/or has some survival aspects to it (example: New planet, they are cut off the earth, need...
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Merry Christmas!

"...I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know.."Merry Christmas/happy holidays/happy Yule to each and everyone of you all!Drink a lot of wine, eat a bunch of ginger mingerbread cookies, enjoy the snow (should you have an...
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Reunion boyzzz?

well... dont let it die :clets play some devision. pubg, league god knows what but lets start playing together again? :P
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[new game] Have you seen Xera? ON UNREAL ENGINE 4-----The dev. is working solo on it and also has several other projects so expect a release of 2099 but still looks good and is very enjoyable.You can't buy it or play it yet unless you get into the close...
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[TUTORIAL] How to make the "Game List" wider in your Steam Library

I found this on reddit and now "PLAYER UNKNOWN'S: BATTLEGROUNDS" actually shows up properly on my list (amongst other games)Guide: of what it does:
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for one week! My bawz had the amazing idea to sent me to China from 6 to 12 July.(awesome...)So u guys know, donĀ“t miss me to much
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Is it time for...

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