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Fortnite - Discussion

kill niggers in the name of originalsuppliments
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Fortnite - Discussion


People here still playing this shit? gonna have a lot of free time in the summer and could use some people to play with, Add me at : Tyran23 , btw here are the stats , im not that bad :P
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Fortnite - Discussion

Avengers event

Has anyone played the avengers/Fornite cross-over event yet? I wanna know what other people think of it.
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The Siren 6140Small The Siren 161d
Fortnite - Discussion

Epic Games Usernames

Post your Usernames, thread will be updated with your names so fellow clan members can add you.Usernames-------------KEYOS_BixaPyrexBixaSiren
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Fortnite - Discussion

Oh lord

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Fortnite - Discussion

The Raven is back!

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Fortnite - Discussion

Featured Item 04/05/2018

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Fortnite - Discussion

Patch Notes 4.0 Discussion
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