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I haven't been posting on the forums or anything else cause I have been feeling sick.If I feel better I will try to be on TS soon but I haven't done much cause I just feel horrible.
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R.I.P Mouse

Any recommendations for a new one?Had a logitech G400sI play with a palm gripI have a QcK+ (cloth pad)I play on 500 dpi, 1.19 in game.
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Tazed216772Small Charlie 7y

Thanks :D

Today I'm happy to announce that I have FINALLY reached MG :DI would like to thank everybody who has played with me and my raging ass (No my ass does not rage)
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Skadoodle, Freakazoid, & Swag To C9

Rip Hikos team now...New c9 line upRyan “fREAKAZOiD” AbadirTyler “Skadoodle” LathamSean “seang@res” GaresJordan “n0thing” GilbertMichael “shroud” GrzesiekBraxton “swag” Pierce (Analyst)
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CSGO mirage ace

so i got a little sweet ace on mge level yesterday
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We got a team!

Team name: BIXA TEAM (Insert name here)Members:- Muslingen (IGL,Lurker)- Charter (Awper, Iniatiator/Entry fragger)- Neo_Skytek (Rifler)- Eis_Tee (Rifler)- Racu (Rifler)Practice Time: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays From 20:00-22:00
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Need a ringer for Saturday, May 2nd at 2:00 PM CEST

First CEVO match, on inferno. We have 4, slaying has work and can't play. :/ Anyway, need a 5th as a lurk/entry.Must be available on friday night/day to practice defaults etc
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Just want to share this ace with you!

This is my sickest ace yet! Recorded it for little while ago :) Enjoy
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Miccen3824Small FraNzy 7y

Mirage ace :D

Just something I would like to share with you guys :)
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Looking to make a team or join one of the teams within this team.

Preferred requirements -MatureCommittedA lot of hours on CSGO (500+)DMG+ preferably eagle (If i know you i may stretch it)Willing to compete in tournaments on sites such as Faceit, ESEA and CEVOPlease post your preferred role e.g. Entry, Support, ...
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Won nip competition for best clip

I literally cant believe this happened. I am so happy right now. Won a mousepad <3.
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Cloud9 removes ShahZaM and Semphis

So after C9'S performance at ESEA Lan they decided to release ShahZaM and Semphis. C9'S CS:GO Manager said that 'I can safely say that we have hit rock bottom in terms of performance.'. Semphis out - Freakazoid In -
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I was bored and a bit upset after work, so I decided to open a case and won this little piece of shiet:
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Bump one trade

CS:GO Lounge make's me feel special sometimes....ONE FUCKING BUMP! Fuck off!
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HELP! (VAC errors) link it send me to: tf do i fix this 8s, pls help me :(EDIT: This has happened 2 nights in a row and yes i've restarted my P...
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