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bixa ts

i got accepted into bixa cs but i wasnt able to play then and when i was i when to find the teamspeak info i couldnt find it p.s. im not trying to getting in all sneaky beaky like if you think so chek my rank on this forum
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Quick Update

Hey I just wanted to make this thread and explain the situation as of now. So many of you know that I joined a competitive team for CSGO on ESEA and CEVO, I was only suppose to be a backup but they like my dedication and one of their players had r...
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pfitter91858Small Rep K 7y

csgo appliaction

lol i want to be in bixa so bad
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zachattack2593Small FraNzy 7y

need team mates

I'm getting real fucking tired of queing at DMG lvl and in 80% of my games I'm topfragging or atleast close to, but getting fucked over cause of the random russians on my team.Is there any people here from EU of atleast double AK rank that want to...
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My Wallbang <3...
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RIP d2 doors..
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My youtube check it out and sub :)
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Get it. Forget match making, as it's full of hackers, trolls and people whom only care about 'frags'. Now, if you want to get good fast and skill up I suggest getting it. &lt; Look at this sexymotherfucker.You can...
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Rep K and Friends...

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Rep K3910Small Rep K 7y

Team Practice

Frist practice to be held on Saturday, July 5th at noon West Coast time, 3 east coast timeplease sign up so we can get the teams set up ahead of time
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solo practice vs bots

saw this in Hiko's stream today and decided to try it out, and it's actually pretty cool.played a bit of it here, notice if there was a buy option, but the weapons that are on the ground are p2000, ...
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The Stone Base of our Counter Strike- team

This is the main discussion for what we want our Counter Strike- team to be. For what I have seen, people love to play competitive and everyone loves winning. When we win and do good plays, everybody enjoys it. So I am pretty confident when I say,...
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DreaIVIS112664Small Moss 7y

A few of Strange's ideas

Ok so as we all know we have a decent group of people who play counterstrike but in my eyes we have a lot of complications we need to work on as i see it &amp; most people probably arn't gonna like what is have to say but hear me out.#1 we need to...
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Thanks to Flagom, we now have a server to run practices on. It is a 5 v 5 setup for comp practice on any mapI would like to start running some bixa vs bixa comp matches.please let me know if interested and I will make up some teams to get startedt...
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Merri225850Small FraNzy 7y

Just wondering... Members have to apply?

Do members have to apply? I've heard alot of people asking whether or not members should have to reapply for CS:GO. From what I've heard, we don't have to but I have seen some members sending in applications.Just want to get this done and dusted, ...
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Nero41025Small Merri 7y


Someone said he was a hacker. someone said he was legit.What is he a hacker or legit?...Maybe a potato?...
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Rep K102368Small cmplex 7y

Dropping a comp game

If you are in a comp game you must finish that game, you do not leave your team mates hanging with a bot because your bored or losingIf you leave in the middle of a match it is an automatic 4 points against youThis is not acceptable by any means
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Merri153135Small FraNzy 7y

CS GO Team speak RULES

Comp channels: 5 per channel if you have more then that get in the casualDO NOT ASK TO BE MOVED INDo not bother any Founder, Officer, or Advisor they are 5 for a reason!When done with game/games MOVE OUT OF COMPif you are afk in those channels, no...
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Merri92071Small Neo_SkyTek 7y

Sounds of CS...

Saw some gay ass smite video on the front page. Naw I don't allow this. of CS old school as fuck.
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