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CS:GO Betting Returns from IBP VS C9 Returns -
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The first official BIXA CS:GO team

To officers and advisors:there is a channel called BIXA Team 1 - do not join this channel if there's people in it because most likely we are in a match or practicing and don't want to be disturbed. To members and trials:do not message anyone in th...
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CS GO members and trials MUST READ

starting tomorrow (Tuesday) all members and trials must be active in TS.If you have not been on for 2 weeks or more you will be removed for inactivity.
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Trading ISS GI/Account For CS:GO Items

Hit me up wiv ur dank 0ff3rs m9,
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RIP had to be made to Titan for sure after their performances as of recently: But this rumoured "new lineup" is retarded IMO. Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans Dan "apEX" Madesclaire Hovik "KQ...
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Some Game Files... no signature/invalid sig.

every time i start my game i get this massage (but in german) Kappaany1 know a fix m8 i reinstallt it thx
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CS:GO's Birthday Patch! : 8/21/14 (
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Guides and tips [UPDATED 08.07.2014]

I will update as everyone posts their tips here. Post it here and explain what it's all aboutCompetetive game calloutsPost by M1kkis"So to actually have teamplay in coun...
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Hi, I just recently joined and here are some questions:-What time do you usually play at?-I was wondering if there are any higher ranks (around eagle and badge +) who would want to MM. Reason being is that there is a huge diffrence between skill g...
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CS:GO Keys!

Guys, I was wondering if anyone would like to donate me some Winter offensive keys. I have 45 cases (possibly more) that I want to open on stream, and was just wanting to see if someone would like to help out ya boy. If so, Thanks! If not, no hard...
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CS:GO Players, watch out!

guys,if you didnt ran into this yet.. Watch out! have FAKE links, you have to login. Dont do it! its fake.Just a heads up!<3
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25 Phoenix Case Opening
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CS:GO Team applications

Apply here for your own team channel and which players are included in that team. Use the format below. The player amount is not limited. Your team will not be accepted before all of the players have correct BIXA-tag and are in BIXA- steam-group....
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Csgo Bets

HR- Epsilon(Your Type)dAT-VP(Your Type)IBP-Fnatic(Your Type)NiP(Your Type)-WolfWon All this:
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CS:GO Team discussion

All the discussion and improvement ideas belong here. Please discuss CS:GO Teams and how we could evolve in this area.First announcement:
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I want to get some clan groups together so we can start playing together and get to know every ones gaming styles and get better working as a team. We need to do what ppl expect bixa to do, an without playing as a team, that wont happen. please ...
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Come and hang out!currently playing cs:go
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24 Hour live stream!

I will be streaming 24 hours starting wednesday, around noon central time. It will be me and my OTW crew as well as anyone who wants to que with us if you would like. I will be playing mostly cs:go but might switch to other games. (like iss or cod...
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CS:GO Trading...

HiWill there be a CS:GO trading place or nah, I would like to see one because sometimes csgolounge disgusting (low ball so hard mother f*ckers want to find you).
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HELP with my next app

So I'm only 17 and this is the reason I got declined do I really have to wait to in 18 to join as I can promise u I'm mature and not a squeaker I mean I'm a young adult I work I drive I party it's just hurts being declined from one of the best for...
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