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NAVI caught match fixing, tut tut

Lol jokes, not NAVI but some other dudes threw a game to win over $3,000!
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Sydney LAN Tournament 17/10 @9:30 GMT +10

As some of you guys may know, Oscar and I are heading down to check out the CS:GO tournament at Redfern this upcoming Sunday. Vox Eminor will be playing (Best AU CS:GO Team) alongside three other reasonably well known Aussie Teams. They will be pl...
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My First CS GO Montage

Hey guys,this is my First Frag Montage of CS GO. I know, iam not the best but i am learning right now. What are u think ? i know the music isnt the best but i cant use all music cause of the GEMA in Ge...
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Bring back CS:GO!!

Wassupa peoples of the BIXA community (Hah gayyyyyy) uhm basically i just want the officers to have another meeting, and discuss CS:GO. *Just because the EU people don't play CS:GO anymore, US people do! And we want the CS:GO division returned!* H...
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Cooler2k8 Application

Name: Michael (People call me Mike)In-Game Name(steam name): Cooler2k8 16Region: Dublin, IrelandPast Experience: Have over 650 hours in Csgo, Have played Shooters For a long time as well.Ra...
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K0nMaDx5 Cs:Go Application for BIXA

Name: Oguz (Name from Turkey)In-Game Name(steam name): K0nMaDx5 Epvper 18 3/4Region: Turkey (but live in Germany)Past Experience: Infestation , Bf3 , Bf4 , Black ops 2 ...Rank: Master Guardian 1Smurf (If a...
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I play faceit rarely. but when I do...

Enjoy :)
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Workshop item, Check it out!

Hey guys, so one of my friends put some work into making a m4a4 skin for CS:GO.I would love if you guys would give it a like, favourite and comment!Thread;;
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Nuke 2s,3s,4s.

Just some clips from a few games on nuke today.
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CSGO MatchMaking

Ok guys so we have been having some issues with matchmaking in CSGO. Obv ther are alot of different ranks amoungst us and people playing from different continents i.e America, Europe and Australia.But we have trails and if they are in the same ran...
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Nova 3 team??

So as im getting more into CS;GO and having castiel teach me maps/pull down and shiet, i want to try and get a few people to play with, as solo is gaaayy after a while, and a team is always better. Preferably all nova 2/3/4, with no smurfs, people...
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I'm a Hacker?

Played a solo que comp match tonight, and someone had the audacity to accuse me of hacking.
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[VIDEO] CS:GO - 5K P90 Ace - Cache like, sub ect plserino
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CS GO: Deagle mode activated (4k)
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Snipey0429Small Snipey 7y

CS GO: AWP mode activated (4k)
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Let's share Steams so we can make pre-mades faster/easier!

Add mine: WorrunI make pre-mades daily and would be great to have more people on my list to askCurrent list: Worrunxtheokoles93Bixa PyrexsmtoibuziinJacobSteele (BananaMilk)VoimisLADroennienl (Frans)-Mainroenniexnl (Frans)(alt)roenniexxnl (Frans)(a...
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CSGO Silver to gold 3 team?

so im not that good in csgo but i relay wanna play but solo na no so funny and i find no one it the csgo channel to play whit... so im trying it at this way my question is if every one is interested in a silver to gold 3 team that plays together...
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2 Aces, one game.
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So i decided to make this thread and here i will add some frags , hope you enjoy it :) Frag #1 - #2 - #3 -
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Possible bixa Frag movie?

Is there a chance that there will be a clan wide CS:GO frag movie? I think that would be pretty epic.
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