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Bixa Gaming is a very diverse collection of humans and creatures. We started out as a small group in WarZ back in ~2012-2013. We quickly grew to become one of the best clans in the game, and as the game inevitably died due to its terrible management, members moved on to emulators and other games. Fortnite is new to our community, so it doesn't matter how good you are! It doesn't matter if you're just a causal player, or a semi-pro, you're welcome to join us.
We don't currently have a competitive team, but that could all change, who knows...



  • 18 years of age - but please still apply if you're below this.


  • No noisy microphones. Background noise is not acceptable, as when playing in squads, you make it a living hell for everyone else. Echoing is not acceptable, for the same reason. If you use a laptop or webcam mic, or your microphone echoes, fix it before applying please.


  • Can take the L's. This is one of the most important requirements. If you lose your shit when you die, fail or whatever, don't apply.


  • Access to Teamspeak.


  • Keep active on the forums! Keep your account logged in so we can keep track of your activity. We kind of pride ourselves on our active forums here at Bixa with over 60,000 posts. Not only is this a requirement, but we post vital information on here regularly. If you aren't a forum goer that's okay, just keep up to date with IMPORTANT NEWS.



Time Zone:

Fortnite Name:
Server location:
Matches played:
Win ratio:
Fornite Tracker link:

What game type do you prefer (Solo, Duo, Squad)?:
Just build?:
How did you hear about us?:
Do you have a YouTube/Twitch Channel?:

Anything else you would like to add?:

Please copy and paste the format into a new thread

Application process and onward

It will be at most a day until your application is approved/declined. Afterwards, check your messages in the top right corner for the Teamspeak server and some more information. Someone will hopefully add you in-game to make things smoother.

You will be given the "trial" rank in the Teamspeak server for the first 1-3 weeks you are with us. During this time period you'll be expected to play with us! We need to get to know you! Do not fear, we will not turn anyone down based on skill alone. Bixa is family and although it might not always seem super easy to integrate at first, those who stick around for a few weeks end up staying for a long time.

We use Teamspeak to communicate, be sure to hop in when you are playing. We usually play every night. You can also join our discord server for additional text chitter-chatter. Feel free to ask any questions anywhere, whether its in a post or a message.
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