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#7791646 May 07, 2013 at 10:13 PM
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UPDATE 2:45: We ran into a couple issues with the patching process and will need to extend the downtime until 4:00pm PDT.

New Additions
Proximity voice chat added - It is now possible to hear and talk to other players that are within a 200m radius of you.
Please be aware that when you are using proximity voice chat you will be giving up your position. Any time you talk a speaker icon will appear above your head.
Default push to talk button is T and can be rebound in the games options.
Voice chat can be enabled and disabled in the options menu.
If voice chat is not working make sure to set up your mic and speakers in the options menu.
To mute players press tab then click on the players name and select mute.
It is now possible to equip a handgun in primary or secondary slots.
Players name has been improved. Rearranged the icons for easier readability.
Loot spawns have been increased globally across the map.
Zombies now drop items more frequently.
Added 3rd person camera switching. The default keybind is Alt but can be reassigned in the options menu.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug with toxicity going over 100%.
Fixed a bug with the range finder UI staying on screen when changing weapons in a safe zone.
Fixed a bug with the flashlight attachment turning off when switching from 1st person mode to 3rd person.
Fixed a bug that would alter the look of the character model if the user held c down while in the death countdown.
Fixed a bug that allowed the flashlight to be toggled on and off while the user has empty hands.
Fixed a bug that continued to display a barricade while switching to empty hands.
Fixed a bug that allowed for greater accuracy with weapons after firing a shot into the air.
Fixed a bug that caused the pickup UI to be displayed on the screen after the user was killed.
Fixed a bug that displayed a -1 ammo when equipping binoculars.
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#12601842 Aug 06, 2016 at 01:15 AM
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Thanks seaser, was looking for this. i had no idea what they patched until now.

wheres voimis?
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